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Skapar en tråd där ni får slänga upp klockrena facebook kommentarer/statusar. Här kommer två bidrag:

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Just go into settings for Facebook Home and make sure that “Show Status Bar” is checked. Hit the break for a quick video showing you how it’s done.

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In the top right of Facebook, click. Next to Chats, click at the top. Click Active Status, then click to turn your Active Status on or off. Click Save.

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      Facebook Pages that have been online recently, or have a record of being quick and responsive in their replies to messages on Facebook, Messenger, or WhatsApp will have a. This is different from the you see for a person’s Active Status, which is why you may see a on a Facebook Page even when your own Active Status is off.

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  • klockrena facebook statusar
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    “@NellyHoflin @mattiasljungbrg HAHAHHA klockren 😂😭”.

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